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TV Troubleshooting Checklist


After going through this checklist, if your issue is not resolved then visit our resource center for LCD TV Troubleshooting, Plasma TV Troubleshooting, or Projection TV Troubleshooting.

There are so many different things to look at in a television set when it is not working correctly. I am going to go through step-by-step to check everything. I troubleshoot electronics all the time, and troubleshooting is all about getting back to a KNOWN GOOD. The The first thing you need to get back to a known good is to have a checklist. Some of the things mentioned in the check list sounds basic, but DO VERIFY THEM!

  1. Verify TV is plugged-in and getting power.
  2. Verify your home’s power breaker has not tripped.
  3. Verify the batteries in the remote control are good.
  4. Verify you have selected the right input for Cable/Satellite, antenna, DVD,  VCR or Game Console.
  5. Verify the cable/satellite box is plugged in and getting power
  6. Verify you are getting cable/satellite in other parts of the house
  7. Verify the VCR is plugged-in,getting power, and turned on.
  8. Verify that all wires are connected to proper place
  9. Scroll through input screen to verify you are watching the correct inputs
  10. Look at the FAQ on the manufacture’s website or user manual

After going through this checklist, if your issue is not resolved then visit our resource center for LCD TV Troubleshooting, Plasma TV Troubleshooting, or Projection TV Troubleshooting.

Rear-Projection TV Troubleshooting Exposed


Learn more about Projection TV Troubleshooting 

Still own a Rear-Projection television? Unfortunately, they have some potential problems. Learning some basic TV troubleshooting will help you stretch out the life on your rear-projection television with minimal cost out of pocket.

The Basics

TV troubleshootingBefore we explore more complex tv troubleshooting techniques, we need to examine the basics. First, we need to verify the TV is securely plugged into a power outlet. Don’t laugh, but failure to plug-in the TV is the number one reason reported why electronics do not work. Second, you need to verify the remote has fresh batteries. This can easily be overlooked. The remote can be working one minute and not working the next, so replace the batteries Finally, verify that all cables and connections are correctly and securely attached.

Lamp Problems

Rear-Projection TVs have a lamp, which picks up the picture and projects it on the TV screen. A burned-out or TV Troubleshootingimproperly connected lamps are two of the most common problems for Rear-Projection TVs. First, you will want to confirm the bulb is still good. If the bulb is bad then then replace it immediately. Second consult your user manual and verify the lamp and lamp cover are installed properly. Most Rear-Projection TVs have warning light which notify you when there are lamp problems. Again consult the user’s manual to see what each light means.


Temperature is a common reason why many Rear-projection TVs do not perform well when they get to hot. You may start to see your TV shutting down automatically when it overheats. Here are a couple of things you can do to prevent overheating. First make certain any TV ventilation ports are free and clear of debris and dust. Second make sure the TV has enough room for airflow. Third, the temperature in the room should be around 72 degrees. Due to the high degree of heat generated by a rear-projection TVs, it is not advisable to watch TV on a hot days when you don’t run the air condition. This could cause damage to your TV.

Configuration Problems

Improperly configuring TV setting can cause problems. Verify the TV settings are set correctly. First, brightness and contrast should not be set to high or to low because this can cause poor picture images. Second, adjust the color on the TV when the picture displays colors poorly. Third, if you are having sound issues then check to make sure the volume is not muted or turn down all the way.

If all else fails, and you don’t want to get robbed by a TV Service Technician then check out our resource center for Projection TV Troubleshooting.